VIP! Song’s pretty catchy and the video was sick. I want to go to NZ lol

I feel like when Arcee watches this it’s going to go down like “Smurfette…that slut…”

Day 3: Your ultimate k-pop guy bias

Lol I don’t necessarily have a guy bias, so i’m going to take this into a slightly different direction.

These five are my role models and inspiration to try and be a better person.

First: When I first saw this video…Fuuuuu—-they can hella pull off suits lol. It’s incredibly impressive and they’re fucking badasses day and night.
Second: They inspire me for so many reasons. I look up to GD for how much of an amazing leader he is. He is a fantastic person and I’m so glad that he has been leading the group with his strength and vigor. TOP for, to put it frankly, being a complete and total badass. Lol I aspire to be able to stare like he does and I am always blown away by how he raps and how hard he works, no matter how self-conscious he is about his dancing skills. Taeyang, for his mind-blowing dancing. After seeing what Tae has done, it made me work that much harder to try and become a better dancer. Daeseung for being able to handle the situation involving him and the car accident as well as he could. Daeseung has stayed strong and he certainly is an inspiration that even through one of the toughest situations in someones life, you can pull through as traumatizing as it is. Last, but not least, Seungri. To me, Seungri is the most well-rounded person in the group. He’s a hilarious maknae who knows how to take crap from the other hyungs and me being the youngest too makes me really feel a similar connection. Him singing is like an angel descending onto my computer and his dancing skills are just as incredible as anyone else’s. Seungri is my favorite of the five and his shear amount of awesome will always make him the best.  


BIGBANG’s The North Face CF! (30 Seconds Version)

GD and TOP had a total bro moment, lolz.

LOL I love how during their hug, Seungri tries to totally jump in even though most likely GD and TOP hella rejected him haha.  


LOL helllllla funny! Seungri and Dae are an amazing team

and the soundtrack is like perfect :)