Day 5: Your favorite k-pop song from your favorite guy group 

This was tough cause Tell Them and Freeze are amaaaaazing songs, but by the end Tell Them wins. 

"All the things you’ve build up, let go let go
Shout louder until your voice is gone
Go crazy tonight as if it’s the end
Go and tell them and even your friends
Oh that we’re here”

The song is hella upbeat and knows how to put me in a positive mood when i sing along with it. I love the message with the song and the music video is awesome. Most importantly, when you watch the behind the scene footage with when they were filming this with MTV’s Match-Up. Sooooooo funny hahaha. 

Request #2.


I want these hoodies. So sick.

Day 1: Your favorite k-pop guy group 

Hands down most favorite Kpop male group EVER! This is the sickest performance i’ve seen them do and it’s definitely my most favorite song that they have out. 

To me, they are one of the most talented groups out there, especially as still having the rookie status.

Zico, P. O., Kyung = Sickest rappers around 

P. O. you’re one of my favorite rappers…but back off of my Dara son!  

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