Day 1: Your favorite k-pop guy group 

Hands down most favorite Kpop male group EVER! This is the sickest performance i’ve seen them do and it’s definitely my most favorite song that they have out. 

To me, they are one of the most talented groups out there, especially as still having the rookie status.

Zico, P. O., Kyung = Sickest rappers around 

LOL this was hands down the funniest interview I have ever read. These guys are hilarious and they’re always going to be my favorite kpop group. It really frustrates me how unnoticed they are compared to most groups, because they really do deserve the attention considering how incredible these guys are. Cho PD worked the hell out of them and they all have the motivation and strength to be the best.

In one article I read that like i think everyone except B-Bomb got cut in the first audition or some other activity, but they managed to come back better and being able to impress the company. That’s fucking awesome. It’s hard for most people to try and bounce back after one of your life’s dreams has been shattered. They’ve been trained by the best, they write their own songs, Zico, P.O., and Kyung are fucking amazing rappers, and they really deserve to be well known. 

BBC for life! :)